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Text the girl with help from magnetic messaging

Texting is so common now nobody think it's ruining their chances in getting dates with girls. One small error caused by a finger will make all you chances with her disappear.  Whether you're new to this or not, you should know what's right when you text her. When you think about texting her, make sure you follow a sure game plan to get her out. Don't be like all the other guys who are ignorant of the texting ways to get girls. 

If she gave you her number, that's your chance to continue with the game so don't ruin it. Don't ignore your chance of getting ignored by her if your text to her are lame. Texting girls becomes easy once you know the secret to it only the top guys in the world know.

Getting the knowledge is only the start of your journey, you need to walk it, too. It will be easier if you know the mistakes to overcome when texting girls.  The one thing you should always remember is to never bore with what you send her.

Never. Ever.

It makes you seem like all the other guys who's been texting her all week. Another one you need to avoid is text the girl too often. Use text messages to create intrigue and suspense. Remember, too many too soon will only make her blind to your text messages. Don't talk to her too long over text, there's a better place for that, you know. Getting the urge to know more about her is not excuse to do just that.

Don't show too much enthusiasm when you reply to her, too. If it's the first text, you can send her anything any time you have the chance to do it. You can text her even when she's in front of you and that would be funny, too.  Send that important first text fast and she'll thank you for it. Don't wait for her to forget you, you're only making it hard on yourself. It's just dumb. When your number pops again on her phone, she'll immediately know who you are. Never receive any weird message from any girl when you text them for the first time.

Don't leave it to chance

If she's really hot and goes out a lot, she probably has a lot of guys texting her. If you don't text her when you have the chance, she'll forget you like you never existed. Remember when it comes to texting, don't wait too long if it's the first message as stated in the magnetic messaging pdf from bobby rio. Because you're not the only person on her phone she's getting messages from. And if you want her to text you back, you have to still be funny. Remind her of the good times, the fun times she had when meeting you. That always seem to work great. Just think of it as continuing where you left off when you met her for the first time that night. Quite simple, right? You don't have to be a genius to do this.

Start with something you remember about her or something you talked about. And before getting finger happy, think first if it's worth replying to or not.

Think about your text. Is it any different? Does it excite her and make her want to reply? Chances are, if something makes you laugh, maybe it will make her laugh, too. It doesn't how much you like her, what matters is how much she likes you. I know you know when it's happening to you and it's time to take a step back. If you start placing too much importance on her, you'll easily make mistakes. The dangers of this is clear as day, neediness and desperation gets a power up. You may even start showing jealousy which is a no-no if you know what I mean. This will make her flake on you if you're not careful.

Think about it, if you don't even know that much about her, you can't be that jealous of anything in the first place. If she doesn't reply that often and makes you feel jealous, ignore it. Show her that you're different from all the other guy she knows. Don't forget that there other girls on your phone better than her.

Never send her any needy text show how much you need her. Don't let it kill the attraction you have going for you. Don't text her back immediately every single time.

Take your time and let her wait, the world won't end when you do. Don't send her more text than she sends you. In fact, you should limit the number of text you send her if you can. Use emoticons in moderation and only use it when necessary. No meaningless texts, no questions, no drunk ramblings. Don't seek any validation from her and send only texts shw'll want to respond to. Don't talk about anything not worth talking about unless you just want to be friends with her.

Change subjects when you spot them and avoid the trap. It's better to just create more attraction with her, don't you think? GIve her the impression that you're always having fun. Just show her that you are not like any other chump out there.  Tease her as you would a girl who you're close with. Do this and she'll be thinking about you all night long. If you can make her wonder if she should be with you having fun, do it. If you can ignore some of her question, do it.

You don't have to answer everything. Add personality to your text, make it short if you can and vague. You know you'll only bore her with questions, so don't do it. Just do something else. Too many questions can easily annoy anyone not just girls you're texting. If you want her to respond that badly then be sure your personality shines with your message.

Get her laughing, make her smile, make her look forward to receiving texts from you. A really lame joke can work for the initial text to get a good laugh. Be unpredictable and leave her something to think about. So every time you want to text her, you can wait before you send it. It's up to you. This will make her think about you and makes her wait.

It also gives her some thrill of waiting for you next message. So be sure to remember this important point when you're texting girls. What you want is to give her some positive emotions that will make her think of you every time. Get good at texting girls and you'll thank me later. Even if you stumble on the first try don't give up just because of that. Never lose hope even when you feel lost in the way things work. It can only get better and better.

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