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Getting Up To Speed on Daygame

For most guys, meeting pretty women is impossible but once you've done it many times, it becomes easy. The majority of guys go to bars and clubs to meet women. If you stop and look, there's a woman in every corner of the street walking towards you.

There are places like bus stops, subways, museums and other target filled locations to meet women at day time. These are places that have amazing opportunities to meeting potential dates. Not many guys approach women on these kinds of places because nobody wants to.And because they don't have a daygame blueprint to follow.

And because they're not what most guys use to find dates, you'll have less competition when it comes to meeting women there. If you don't take advantage of your free time when you're out in the day, that's up to you.

Meet women during the day and have more fun than when you do at night time. It's more casual and natural to meet girls during the day. Getting to meet her where she is relaxed and having fun can only happen during the day. Many girls are walking and going somewhere during the day. Keep your eyes open and don't let a girl you like slip by.  

There are many great places to meet women during the day when you have some free time. Simply visiting these locations should be enough to change your mind to meet some awesome girls. Go to the mall and meet some girls you like, they'll be happy to meet you. Since mall are guarded, girls are more relaxed and are able to enjoy themselves fully.

Mall are great for meeting girls you want to date sooner since you're already in a place where you can easily find a spot to continue your interaction. Parks are filled with women during a warm sunny day with their dog or sitting on the grass. Just don't be a stranger in the park, you need to belong there. You may also just tell them you like meeting girls in the park.

It is easy to start a conversation in museums since there are many potential items to talk about. You don't have to be an expert in art, you just have to be interested in art.  

As you walk home from work you can meet a beautiful girl. She could be waiting in the corner just to meet someone like you. She could be waiting for someone to approach her. Gather you confidence and approach her quickly so you can meet this girl.

Give her a wonderful smile from your heart and welcome her with open arms. And establish eye contact as soon as you can. Make sure she enjoys the conversation with you. The conversation should be something you both enjoy. If you think she's fun to be with, be sure to get her number and meet later. Tell her what you want so there isn't any confusion.  

If you're feeling lonely, there are many ways to meet women. There are many people especially women who likes to meet other people no matter the situation. People are connected to each other so form more connections often. Expanding your social circle will have amazing effect. If you are spiritual, you can go to churches to meet women. They actually invite new people all the time so you'll have a lot to meet. Go around the city if you have the time and you'll meet someone for sure. 

This can be easy to do and without any pressure. Wander around an area where there's obviously a lot of people. Approach anyone you make eye contact with and start a conversation. If you're passionate about something, use that as fuel to meet women.

And there is always the mall where it's possible to find younger women.  

You know, being single can be tough if you've been single for a long time. Don't think it will become easy suddenly when you don't know where to start. They won't be easily swayed by your sweet words all the time. First, understand what kind of woman you like. It becomes much simpler and focused to get the girl you want.

There's a girl in every street corner waiting to talk to you. You fears won't hold you back since you know she'll respond to you in kind. Make it a habit to talk to meet women everywhere you are. make things as natural as you can and don't think of anything else. Don't feel desperate when you are trying to find a girlfriend. Remember that you're a man with confidence and you can get a girlfriend.   

Many guys are actually not good at meeting incredibly pretty women.

Most of the time they don't really even try to meet and talk to girls since they're afraid to make mistakes. Though it's not good to think about what might happen wrong, they freeze up anyway. Even saying a pickup line you know should work will not work if you think stupid things. Women will surely know if you're not ready to meet them. On the other hand, they'll be able to tell if you're really confident.

Have a conversation with girls like you're having a conversation with your friends. Show your confidence when you talk to her about anything you can think of. Don't be desperate to talk to her if she doesn't seem that interested. Relax and enjoy the simple conversation with a woman you find interesting,  

Starting a conversation with pretty girls is pretty much what you need to do. If you can talk to people. you can talk to women. All you have to do is introduce yourself and allow the discussion to unfold. Start with anything you can think of and you'll be fine. Just be confident with yourself and you're good to go. If you're funny, that's always a good way to go.

Make her laugh and take her for a fun ride. make her feel good and she'll be excited when you call. Another good way is to compliment her, but it has to be true not some generic shit. You need to compliment to be genuine and honest so it works. She'll know if you're paying attention and how much you care. There's always something to talk about if you know where to look. Doing it the natural way won't make you look like a loser.   

Talking to girls you don't know can be very rewarding. Show you confidence in how you talk and how you meet people. Make sure you're heard and you can make the conversation interesting. Get her talking about herself and get the mood going. Get to know her as much as you can, you never know what you'll find out. Be sure not to say anything damaging about her. What you're looking for is fun and happy times. 

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