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How to Get your Ex Back and Get Back Together

March 25, 2016


How do you get your ex back for good?

Well... not by pleading and declaring your love with the promise you'd change or say anything to please her.

Or crying your heart out, with tears and snot and all, while you get down on your knees begging, hoping she'll have pity on your poor soul. And showing that without her you're now broken and completely obsessed with her ... scaring her away because there's a guy acting like a pride-less loser in her front door that looks just like her ex who used to be a cool guy.

... Not by calling constantly, or sending multiple text messages a day hoping she'll give in, raise the white flag, and come running back teary eyed because she can't take it anymore ... to only pressure her to distance herself away from you because she feels like she doesn't have any choice.

... Not by hovering around wherever she is like a creepy stalker and 'accidentally' bumping into her every day and talking about your old relationship ... until she get sick of you and want see less and less of you, making her realize she didn't want to be with you anymore.

... Not even by buying her flowers with a nice card, and calling her friends and family asking for help, knowing her friends and family will take her side, (and if not, she'll quickly convince them to) ... making her resent you more for getting her friends and family involved in the breakup.

... And of course, not by putting your life on hold and reserving yourself while you wait for her 'figure things out', thinking about her all the time ... trapping yourself in your old relationship unable to let go and move on.

Actually, you should forget about your old relationship. Consider it gone for good. Your old relationship is dead. Bringing it back to life, along with all its issues and reasons why your relationship ended, will only put you back where you are right now.

That's not how you get your ex back, not by being desperate and needy, making mediocre efforts, or being careless.

You probably know how ineffective they are and how they can actually hurt you when trying to get your ex back, and push your girl further away into the arms of another man. Suddenly, you'll just get news from some friends that she's out with a new guy.

If you're serious about getting your ex back... for good...

You should plan it out carefully. You need an excellent strategy to get your ex back that involves...

Taking some time off... to give yourself some time get over the initial pain of the break and think about what you really want. This means stopping all contact, including Facebook.

Taking a look at what led to your break up. Breakups don't happen out of the blue. There are warning signs here and there you might not have noticed, or simply ignored. It's a good idea to get clear on the 'real' reason why the relationship ended.

Thinking why you want her back and if you really want her back. If it's because you don't like  being single, or you feel sad and lonely, that doesn't mean you should be with her. Those feelings will go away with time. (Another reason for taking some time off.)

Working on yourself. Get a fresh start, new hair style, new clothes -- not to impress her but to get your confidence back. Work on loving yourself... because the better your self-esteem the better prepared you'll be when you try to get your ex back.

Be the guy she was attracted to. It's a must to get your ex back.

Developing the skills with women you might have lost over the years: flirting, attracting women, arousing women, making women horny. The set of skills most guys forgets when it gets comfortable in the relationship. Focus on these right now before it becomes too late, and before she meets another guy who flirts, tease, turns her on, and arouses her the way you used to.

Reconnecting with text. Make sure you do a lot of the preparatory before you initiate contact. Then you can remind her of the good times you shared in a subtle way. You can even share lighthearted memories with her. And dropping hints you're still interested along the way.

Reminding her of the person she fell in love with... to give her reasons to remember all things she loves about you, and accentuate the things you know she loves: your sense of humor, your confidence, your charm. And you'll be able to do the subtle things that attracted her in the first place.

And of course, meeting with your ex. It's important to show you've moved past your old relationship. If you make her feel the same old you, that will turn her off and she won't be interested in giving you another shot. Use the attraction techniques and conversation skills you learned to make her feel different about you.

When she feels attraction and respect she never felt before, she'll feel that her life isn't right without you in it and rationalize things as being a sign to give things another chance.

Along the way, if you can make her feel like she could lose you to someone else, turn her attention from the bad times to the good times you've had together, and make her crave you in a sexual way... she can't help but get back to.

That's how you get your ex back!

You do it step by step, following a set plan and strategy that's been proven to get exes back time and time again. Although getting your ex back is not gonna be easy, there's no quick fix to a broken relationship.

And... if you want a step-by-step plan that holds your hand along the way, complete with a proven long-term strategy that uses a specific sequence of text messages with detailed examples that show you exactly what to text, when to send the text, which will make your ex...

  • Focus on what she secretly loves about you and see you in a new way,

  • Forgive you for everything you feel you've done wrong,

  • Forget about any other man,

  • Quickly change her attitude towards you, think about you, and fantasize about you,

  • Starts calling you to hear your voice,

  • Finally begs you to be together to talk and do anything she has to wrap herself in your arms again, and swear getting back together was her idea.

You can check out Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back. It has sneaky tricks, relationship hacks, and uses a lot of human psychology to re-awaken her attraction to you, help her decide to give you another shot, and get her convinced that seeing you was her idea... so when you get back together, you stay together.

Through Text Your Ex Back, you'll get a real, legitimate shot at winning your ex back.



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Walk Around and Make Small Talk

March 6, 2014

The thing is, what you really need is just confidence and a little practice. Getting skilled in making small talk alone can get you lots of new friends and ladies who want to spend time with you.

Take some time to learn making small talk and you'll be glad you did. But don't think you can overdo it if you don't want to make people think you're annoying. Small talk is just a pleasant conversation with someone. There's no limit of the things you can talk about when it comes to small talk. You should make it a habit to make small talk part of your daily routine.

It's really amazing how easily you can make friends when you know how to make small talk sexy using conversation escalation techniques. There's always some new relationship getting started because something like the weather.

That next friend you meet is just a small talk away if you think about it. Even in the professional world, learning to be great at making small talk will help you. There's a actually a lot of things you can do to make your small talk sexy. It will certainly and surely improve many aspects of your conversations. Just keep reading and aim to make your small talk making ability better than before.

Surely, you've realized that one of the best way to improve is just conversing with people of all ages.

Talking to your neighbor is really a good exercise for this since you don't have to go very far. Don't pick any age bracket, just go ahead and talk to that old dude over there. If you happen to meet some tourists, go ahead and talk to them. Nothing beats practice with a stranger you don't know. Get inspiration from newspapers, cookbooks and magazines of things to talk about. Read any source of information you can get your hands on. Other great sources of small talk topics include television, music, sports, and fashion.

There's the internet where you can read about anything that interest you that might also interest someone.

Even stories you've heard can be a good source of something to talk about. There's always something to talk about, think about your travels or experience somewhere. If you want to practice alone, you can use the mirror and talk there about random things. The more varied topics and the more you can talk about the better. If you know a lot of things, you can talk about a lot of things. Keep in mind that you have to be ready to make small talk any time as it can happen quickly.

Talk to people while waiting in line or while you're in a meeting. You can even make the situation favorable to you when you want to talk to a girl. Try hosting a party or going to one if you want to really get it going. Don't force yourself into the conversation with someone, just keep it natural. You should make her feel comfortable with an approachable body language. Remember that you have to keep making eye contact most of the time as you talk to her. You can be excited to talk to her but you can't be too over eager about it.  You don't want to scare her away by overwhelming her and leaning in too close. Know her already? Just say hi and hello as you mention her by name.

Be direct with her

Being direct works this way and avoid making things complicated for yourself. But for most of the girls you don't know, start with a confident introduction of yourself. If you want to make her feel a little bit special, you can say her name every now and then if you know it. Actually talk to her when you're talking to her. Give her the attention she deserves. Just remember to have some fun when you're talking with her.

It's great when you can accomplish that with just about anyone you can talk to, really.

You can make her want to keep talking to you even if what you're talking about is trivial. If you want to get her turned off, then there's the negative side of things. Even if your day isn't going as good as you'd hope, you don't want to make her feel bad about it. When you can't think of anything to say, blurt out a compliment that's true. Even when it doesn't go anywhere it will make her feel appreciated before you talk about something else. Keep your ears peeled for something worthy to talk about like common interests.

It can be anything like your love for peanut butter and jelly. Something that's sure to make her connected to you is always a good bet.

Remember that anything can lead to something you can talk about. When you can find a common interest, keep to it. When that time comes, you can always say something personal to you and make a connection with her. Don't say something that's too personal though. You don't want to freak her out. Ask her some questions about herself then so she can talk more about her after you're done. Ask her some questions to reveal some information about herself. But be sure it's not something too personal like something about her health or religion or anything inappropriate.

Be sure it's fun and light and positive. Get her talking about what she really likes and let her keep talking about it. Then, based on whet she says, you can then say something else that's funny or another question about what she said. But try not to ask too many question to make her feel at ease and comfortable. This is not an interview that you have to barrage her with questions after questions.  Give her some room to talk but maintain a proper balance between talking and asking. Once you get the conversation going, you can think about what to talk about next. Most of all, you should never forget to listen.

Be sure you're listening intently so you wouldn't miss something important that could lead to somewhere good. Don't worry about talking too much just don't forget to listen. You can make people keep on talking and talking if you can just listen to them. Letting others tell their own opinion will improve the quality of the discussion. By the end of the conversation, you'll have known lots of things about her and she about you.

Text the girl with help from magnetic messaging

February 27, 2014

Texting is so common now nobody think it's ruining their chances in getting dates with girls. One small error caused by a finger will make all you chances with her disappear.  Whether you're new to this or not, you should know what's right when you text her. When you think about texting her, make sure you follow a sure game plan to get her out. Don't be like all the other guys who are ignorant of the texting ways to get girls. 

If she gave you her number, that's your chance to continue with the game so don't ruin it. Don't ignore your chance of getting ignored by her if your text to her are lame. Texting girls becomes easy once you know the secret to it only the top guys in the world know.

Getting the knowledge is only the start of your journey, you need to walk it, too. It will be easier if you know the mistakes to overcome when texting girls.  The one thing you should always remember is to never bore with what you send her.

Never. Ever.

It makes you seem like all the other guys who's been texting her all week. Another one you need to avoid is text the girl too often. Use text messages to create intrigue and suspense. Remember, too many too soon will only make her blind to your text messages. Don't talk to her too long over text, there's a better place for that, you know. Getting the urge to know more about her is not excuse to do just that.

Don't show too much enthusiasm when you reply to her, too. If it's the first text, you can send her anything any time you have the chance to do it. You can text her even when she's in front of you and that would be funny, too.  Send that important first text fast and she'll thank you for it. Don't wait for her to forget you, you're only making it hard on yourself. It's just dumb. When your number pops again on her phone, she'll immediately know who you are. Never receive any weird message from any girl when you text them for the first time.

Don't leave it to chance

If she's really hot and goes out a lot, she probably has a lot of guys texting her. If you don't text her when you have the chance, she'll forget you like you never existed. Remember when it comes to texting, don't wait too long if it's the first message as stated in the magnetic messaging pdf from bobby rio. Because you're not the only person on her phone she's getting messages from. And if you want her to text you back, you have to still be funny. Remind her of the good times, the fun times she had when meeting you. That always seem to work great. Just think of it as continuing where you left off when you met her for the first time that night. Quite simple, right? You don't have to be a genius to do this.

Start with something you remember about her or something you talked about. And before getting finger happy, think first if it's worth replying to or not.

Think about your text. Is it any different? Does it excite her and make her want to reply? Chances are, if something makes you laugh, maybe it will make her laugh, too. It doesn't how much you like her, what matters is how much she likes you. I know you know when it's happening to you and it's time to take a step back. If you start placing too much importance on her, you'll easily make mistakes. The dangers of this is clear as day, neediness and desperation gets a power up. You may even start showing jealousy which is a no-no if you know what I mean. This will make her flake on you if you're not careful.

Think about it, if you don't even know that much about her, you can't be that jealous of anything in the first place. If she doesn't reply that often and makes you feel jealous, ignore it. Show her that you're different from all the other guy she knows. Don't forget that there other girls on your phone better than her.

Never send her any needy text show how much you need her. Don't let it kill the attraction you have going for you. Don't text her back immediately every single time.

Take your time and let her wait, the world won't end when you do. Don't send her more text than she sends you. In fact, you should limit the number of text you send her if you can. Use emoticons in moderation and only use it when necessary. No meaningless texts, no questions, no drunk ramblings. Don't seek any validation from her and send only texts shw'll want to respond to. Don't talk about anything not worth talking about unless you just want to be friends with her.

Change subjects when you spot them and avoid the trap. It's better to just create more attraction with her, don't you think? GIve her the impression that you're always having fun. Just show her that you are not like any other chump out there.  Tease her as you would a girl who you're close with. Do this and she'll be thinking about you all night long. If you can make her wonder if she should be with you having fun, do it. If you can ignore some of her question, do it.

You don't have to answer everything. Add personality to your text, make it short if you can and vague. You know you'll only bore her with questions, so don't do it. Just do something else. Too many questions can easily annoy anyone not just girls you're texting. If you want her to respond that badly then be sure your personality shines with your message.

Get her laughing, make her smile, make her look forward to receiving texts from you. A really lame joke can work for the initial text to get a good laugh. Be unpredictable and leave her something to think about. So every time you want to text her, you can wait before you send it. It's up to you. This will make her think about you and makes her wait.

It also gives her some thrill of waiting for you next message. So be sure to remember this important point when you're texting girls. What you want is to give her some positive emotions that will make her think of you every time. Get good at texting girls and you'll thank me later. Even if you stumble on the first try don't give up just because of that. Never lose hope even when you feel lost in the way things work. It can only get better and better.

Running for Badass with The Tao of Badass

February 20, 2014

Nice guys don't always come up on top. You could whine or you could change your attitude and adopt some badass behaviors. 

It's easy to change.  

Break small ridiculous rules that everyone else can easily break but don't.  And challenge the rules when you got more important things to worry about. Carry yourself with confidence, hold stares until the other person looks away and be slightly louder and assertive in conversations.    

The word badass can mean differently for different people even on the same place.  And if you want to meet and attract beautiful women, you must add a little badass attitude in your style.  You don't want the women to turn away from you so keep your badass self in check when you do. 

When you can successfully do this every time you go out, you'll suddenly find yourself much better with women.  There are more chances to meet the women you meet again for another time.  Most girls will give you their drinks if you want them.  If you don't know what this is like, you're in for a new exciting experience with women.  You'll know what it's like after some interactions with women and their reactions to how you talk to them.  

If you can bring out your inner badass when you meet women, whether you want something short term or long term, being a badass will give you a definite edge.  You'll be on the minds of women and they won't put you on the dreaded friend zone.  The women you meets you will always remember you as the positive and enchanting person you are.  This makes it easier when you want to go out with the women you meet for another time. 

You can be sure you're standing out from all of her other prospects if you download the tao of badass pdf.   

Get your badass attitude under control no matter where you are right now.  This can easily help you seduce the women you want with much success.  The techniques you will learn will be just another added bonus you can use interacting with women.  Using them will make it clear to you how and why you haven't had any chance with women before.  Make yourself the badass women are looking for all their life using something easily accessible.   

You'll find a lot of cutting edge tactics for turning yourself into a badass with women.  As well as getting yourself the badass attitude when you're around women.  You'll get what it really means to be a man which a lot of guys don't know about. 

You can be more confident around women and hold your own during various situations.   

Pull out your inner badass and be attractive to women anywhere in the world.  Make the switch as soon as you can so you'll know the strategies to have the women you want in your life right now.  You don't have to be affected by break ups and you can still be friends with your exes.  Since you have real confidence, you can be calm even if people try to mess up your interactions.  You can look women straight in the eyes because you are comfortable with yourself. 

The hottest girls in the club won't be a problem to talk to if you want to get to know her more.  And you won't care if a girl shuts you down since it's easy to interact with other women.  You'll have women who gravitates to you easily because you are attractive to them. 

You'll be able to stand up for yourself, be edgier, and be a man among men. 

If you're still wondering what the right way to attract women is.  Even if you spend a lot of your time thinking about it, some things are meant to be learned from others.  There are basic strategies and techniques which can work on most women. Your appearance always plays a large role in this.  You don't have to lose yourself if you want to look good, you just have to clean yourself up.  Find the right shirt, the right hair style, use perfume to make yourself smell good.  If you can get women to turn their head and look at you in a desirable way, you're almost there. 

Become good at making conversation with anyone not just women, should be next with the tao of badass complete ebook.  Develop a conversation style that captivates women.  Make her interested in what you are about to say next. Ask her what she likes without being too obvious about it and get her telling you all these things. 

Keep her entertained and interested with everything but don't take it too far.  Know these by heart so you can easily make yourself the guy she wants to talk to.   
Though it's not the only way to attract women and start dating any girl you want.  If you are an individual who struggles with connecting with women, this is simple to do.  It will help you overcome the initial social pressure and improve yourself. 

In that way, any relationship you might have will also improve.  Pick someone right now and use what you've learned, make adjustments and repeat.  Keep unnecessary thoughts from polluting your mind and keep your priorities in order.  Approach any kind of women and instantly start a conversation with her.   
You may feel that you don't have it right now, but with your commitment you know you can do it.  You'll be able to make use of what you learn even after you're in a long relationship.  Now average guys like you can become a confident badass with women.  Take this time and be social, you might not have this kind of opportunity some other time.  

Getting Up To Speed on Daygame

December 30, 2013

For most guys, meeting pretty women is impossible but once you've done it many times, it becomes easy. The majority of guys go to bars and clubs to meet women. If you stop and look, there's a woman in every corner of the street walking towards you.

There are places like bus stops, subways, museums and other target filled locations to meet women at day time. These are places that have amazing opportunities to meeting potential dates. Not many guys approach women on these kinds of places because nobody wants to.And because they don't have a daygame blueprint to follow.

And because they're not what most guys use to find dates, you'll have less competition when it comes to meeting women there. If you don't take advantage of your free time when you're out in the day, that's up to you.

Meet women during the day and have more fun than when you do at night time. It's more casual and natural to meet girls during the day. Getting to meet her where she is relaxed and having fun can only happen during the day. Many girls are walking and going somewhere during the day. Keep your eyes open and don't let a girl you like slip by.  

There are many great places to meet women during the day when you have some free time. Simply visiting these locations should be enough to change your mind to meet some awesome girls. Go to the mall and meet some girls you like, they'll be happy to meet you. Since mall are guarded, girls are more relaxed and are able to enjoy themselves fully.

Mall are great for meeting girls you want to date sooner since you're already in a place where you can easily find a spot to continue your interaction. Parks are filled with women during a warm sunny day with their dog or sitting on the grass. Just don't be a stranger in the park, you need to belong there. You may also just tell them you like meeting girls in the park.

It is easy to start a conversation in museums since there are many potential items to talk about. You don't have to be an expert in art, you just have to be interested in art.  

As you walk home from work you can meet a beautiful girl. She could be waiting in the corner just to meet someone like you. She could be waiting for someone to approach her. Gather you confidence and approach her quickly so you can meet this girl.

Give her a wonderful smile from your heart and welcome her with open arms. And establish eye contact as soon as you can. Make sure she enjoys the conversation with you. The conversation should be something you both enjoy. If you think she's fun to be with, be sure to get her number and meet later. Tell her what you want so there isn't any confusion.  

If you're feeling lonely, there are many ways to meet women. There are many people especially women who likes to meet other people no matter the situation. People are connected to each other so form more connections often. Expanding your social circle will have amazing effect. If you are spiritual, you can go to churches to meet women. They actually invite new people all the time so you'll have a lot to meet. Go around the city if you have the time and you'll meet someone for sure. 

This can be easy to do and without any pressure. Wander around an area where there's obviously a lot of people. Approach anyone you make eye contact with and start a conversation. If you're passionate about something, use that as fuel to meet women.

And there is always the mall where it's possible to find younger women.  

You know, being single can be tough if you've been single for a long time. Don't think it will become easy suddenly when you don't know where to start. They won't be easily swayed by your sweet words all the time. First, understand what kind of woman you like. It becomes much simpler and focused to get the girl you want.

There's a girl in every street corner waiting to talk to you. You fears won't hold you back since you know she'll respond to you in kind. Make it a habit to talk to meet women everywhere you are. make things as natural as you can and don't think of anything else. Don't feel desperate when you are trying to find a girlfriend. Remember that you're a man with confidence and you can get a girlfriend.   

Many guys are actually not good at meeting incredibly pretty women.

Most of the time they don't really even try to meet and talk to girls since they're afraid to make mistakes. Though it's not good to think about what might happen wrong, they freeze up anyway. Even saying a pickup line you know should work will not work if you think stupid things. Women will surely know if you're not ready to meet them. On the other hand, they'll be able to tell if you're really confident.

Have a conversation with girls like you're having a conversation with your friends. Show your confidence when you talk to her about anything you can think of. Don't be desperate to talk to her if she doesn't seem that interested. Relax and enjoy the simple conversation with a woman you find interesting,  

Starting a conversation with pretty girls is pretty much what you need to do. If you can talk to people. you can talk to women. All you have to do is introduce yourself and allow the discussion to unfold. Start with anything you can think of and you'll be fine. Just be confident with yourself and you're good to go. If you're funny, that's always a good way to go.

Make her laugh and take her for a fun ride. make her feel good and she'll be excited when you call. Another good way is to compliment her, but it has to be true not some generic shit. You need to compliment to be genuine and honest so it works. She'll know if you're paying attention and how much you care. There's always something to talk about if you know where to look. Doing it the natural way won't make you look like a loser.   

Talking to girls you don't know can be very rewarding. Show you confidence in how you talk and how you meet people. Make sure you're heard and you can make the conversation interesting. Get her talking about herself and get the mood going. Get to know her as much as you can, you never know what you'll find out. Be sure not to say anything damaging about her. What you're looking for is fun and happy times. 

How to attract a woman

August 2, 2013

Meeting new males and females is not easy. Every men and women find it difficult to get the dates he or she want. Despite the fact there are so many people far and wide, discovering that person to date in a long time can easily be disheartening if you got no idea how to attract women naturally. Discovering a date is easy but searching for a good date might be the hard part.

You'll be able to find date by simply chilling out as well as meeting up with all sorts of males and females. Males and females you hook up with in bars may not be as awesome as males and females you meet at other places. Quite often they're at the bar for a particular reason when compared with yours. You are still able to come by good dates at bars and it's still a good place to meet women and men.
how to attract women
To find males and females with related pursuits, it is best to check out places where they meet. Try parks, libraries, museums, and other places where many people are gathered and enjoying themselves. Gather up some confidence get started on a discussion with him or her. Make sure you gain something to communicate with them later after the conversation.

Take your buddies along with you whenever you go out. You'll achieve a boost in confidence when you're with familiar both males and females. They can also introduce you to other women and men they know and add in a good word for you.

If you feel rejected, you shouldn't be worried about it simply move forward. Don't think about it and you should not lose your self-confidence. You'll in no way be depleted of chances if you put your mind into it.

There is always also the route of discovering dates in classified ads together with the net. There are joyful endings that happen to males and females that hook up with on the the web, this could be you. If you are lacking time, the web dating might possibly be the ideal place for you. There are a number of dating services out there and setting up a really good profile could do it for you.

You are able to relax during the time you check who you prefer to hook up with. Once you discover someone you desire, contact her and just get into a conversation. Continue to make your conversation engaging, get her to communicate all about her likes and make her talk about herself.

If for some reason you cannot get a single good date, you better take a good look at where you are. Review your self, identity, and belief. Occasionally your best choice to find good date is usually to start with yourself and make yourself desirable. That's the way to find a girlfriend.

Most ladies will easily notice if you happen to be hopeless and inferior. It's in how you talk as well as how you move. Making a lady attracted to you can be challenging. If you have a life and got your act together, women will likely see that notably good. Have your act together and make yourself desirable. In a short time you'll discover that dates will be searching for you on their own.